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    Rick Riordan
     locations from Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian
    St. Thomas
    Rachel's family vacation home
    40.19 degrees N, 71.90 degrees W
    Percy and Beckendorf enter the Princess Andromeda's engine room
    Westport, Connecticut
    May Castellan's house
    Central Park, just north of the pond
    The Door of Orpheus
    The woods by Harlem Meer
    Grover meets Morpheus
    Le Parker Meridien
    Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia plan to meet for burgers after the battle
    Statue of William H. Seward, Madison Square Park
    Annabeth activates Plan Twenty-Three
    Off Battery Park, between the two rivers
    Percy speaks with the river gods
    The Plaza Hotel
    The demigod battle headquarters
    Hecksher Playground
    Percy and Prometheus meet under a flag of truce
    Central Park Reservoir
    Percy fights Hyperion
    Grand Central Station
    Percy activates the statue of Hermes over the station entrance
    The New York Public Library
    Percy activates the lions
    33rd Street and Park Avenue
    Percy and Annabeth fight a Hyperborean
    The United Nations building
    The Titan encampment