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    Alexandre Dumas père
     locations from The Count of Monte Cristo
    Monte Cristo
    Notre-Dame de la Garde
    The lookout sights the Pharaon
    The Chateau d'If
    Between Cape Morgion and Rion Island
    The pilot boards the Pharaon
    Fort St. Jean
    Spectators watch the Pharaon come into port
    Anse de la Reserve
    M. Morrel boards the Pharaon in the La Reserve basin
    Off Civita Vecchia
    Captain Leclere dies at sea
    Isola El Giglio
    Captain Leclere buried at sea off El Giglio
    The Round Tower
    Dantes orders the Pharaon's sails lowered as they pass the Round Tower
    Portoferraio harbor, Elba
    Dantes lands to meet with Marshal Bertrand and speak with Napoleon
    St. Helena
    Morrel's uncle is in the garrison with Napoleon
    La Canebiere
    Dantes goes ashore from the Pharaon
    Rue de Noialles and Allees de Maillan
    Approximate location of Dantes' father's house, on the left of the Allees de Meillan
    The Pharaon takes on a cargo of cotton at Pascal's warehouse
    The Pharaon takes on a cargo of cotton at Pastret's warehouse
    The Catalans, behind the Saint Nicolas cathedral
    Mercedes lives at the Point des Catalans
    The corner of the Rue Senac
    Danglars meets Caderousse
    Cape de Morgion
    Mercedes threatens to throw herself from the highest point
    Fort St Nicholas
    Dantes and Mercedes walk out of Caderousse's sight behind the fort
    Dantes avoids the inhabited islands of Ratonneau and Pomegue
    Dantes avoids the inhabited islands of Ratonneau and Pomegue
    No. 27, Rue du Helder, Paris
    The house of Albert and the Comte de Morcerf
    The Colosseum
    Franz and Albert visit by moonlight
    Meta Sudans (former site)
    The carriage taking Franz and Albert to the Coloseum stops near the Meta Sudans
    Castel Sant'Angelo
    Vampa travels from the castle to meet Monte Cristo at the Colosseum
    Piazza del Popolo, where the Babuino, Corso, and Ripetta meet
    Peppino's scaffold
    The Church of St. John Lateran
    Andrea Rondola is executed for the murder of the canon of St. John Lateran
    Teatro Argentino
    Franz sees the Count at the performance of "Parisina"
    Pizza del Popolo, near the Strada del Babuino
    The carriage waits for the Count and his guests
    The obelisk in the Piazza del Popolo
    Franz sees the obelisk above the crowd awaiting the execution
    No. 30 Champs-Elysees
    The Count's house in Paris, between the Champs Elysees and the Rue Ponthieu
    Palais Royal
    The Count gets his cards from the best engraver of the Palais Royal
    St. Mandrier, near Toulon
    Caderousse escapes from the chain gang