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    David Mitchell
     locations from The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
    Fort Batavia
    Vortenbosch meets for two hours with the Governor-General in the old fort at Batavia, now Jakarta
    Tsushima Island
    Abbott Enamoto is said to be meeting Korean traders on the Isle of Tsu
    Jacob's sister marries the schoolmaster
    St. Ives
    Penhalion presses a landsman
    St. Helena
    Penhaligon plucks six Hanoverians off a whaler
    The Phoebus passes by Torinoshima
    Fort William, Kolkata
    The principal base of the English East India Company
    The East India docks, London
    Jacob works "a short walk downriver from the East India docks"
    Port Mahon
    Wren calls Nagasaki "an anchorage the equal of Port Mahon"
    Above Cape Town, between Lion's Head and Signal Hill
    Van Cleef's Uncle Theo takes apartments in a villa
    Penang Island
    Jack Thatcher gets the clap
    Kew Palace
    The Kew Letters ("Kew Memorandum") issued from the Dutch House at Kew Palace
    Diego Garcia
    A tortoise from Diego Garcia is kept in the antechamber of bottles.
    Jacob is posted here before being "rescued" by Vorstenbosch
    Ascension Island
    The next stop of the sloop that picks up Baert.
    Uppsala University
    Marinus studies with Linnaeus
    County Cork
    Con Twomey, the Irishman, is from Cork
    Arie Grote is awakened by a boa constrictor
    Nieuwe Kirk, Amsterdam
    Grote meets Duke van Eys, the East Indies Company recruiter, while sitting on the steps
    Edo Castle
    Marinus, Hemmij and Van Cleef attend a court embassy with the Shogun
    Hemmij dies
    Where the Commewina meets the Ottica
    Fort Sommelsdyk ("Fort Ommelsdyck"), where Fischer escapes to from Goed Accord
    Goede Accord plantation (approx. location)
    Fischer is attacked at Goed Accord, a plantation on the Connewina, two days upriver from Paramaribo
    The Rapenburg, Leiden
    Left on a doorstep in Leiden, young Marinus walks up and down the Rapenburg to stay warm
    About 400 nautical miles west of Ushant
    Baert fights in the Third Battle of Ushant on the "Glorious First of June"
    Neeltje's father works as a beer porter
    Grote wooes a promising young heiress in her town house
    Breed's Hill
    Captain Lacy fights at the Battle of Bunker Hill
    Kerkstraat, Domburg
    Jacob's father lives in the parsonage on Church Street in Domburg
    Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Eelattu, the Doctor's servant, is from Colombo, Ceylon
    Dejima Island
    Papenberg Rock
    The Shenandoah anchors and Christian artifacts are collected