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    Alexandre Dumas père
     locations from The Three Musketeers
    St. Antoine gate ( - 1789)
    D'Artagnan arrives at Paris and sells his horse
    The English are defeated
    The bridge of La Pierre, upon the downs
    The Cardinal's quarters at the siege of La Rochelle are on the downs at the bridge of La Pierre, in a simple house wihtout any entrenchments
    La Jarrie
    The King takes up quarters sometimes at Étré (Aytré) and sometimes at La Jarrie
    The King takes up quarters sometimes at Étré (Aytré) and sometimes at La Jarrie
    Monsieur's quarters at the siege of La Rochelle
    South of La Rochelle, between Perigny and Angoutin
    M. de Schomberg's quarters at the siege of La Rochelle (modern location of Angoutin unknown)
    East of La Rochelle, between Dompierre and Perigny
    The Duc d'Angouleme's quarters at the siege of La Rochelle
    North of La Rochelle between Leu and Dompierre
    Bassompierre's quarters at the siege of La Rochelle
    Barriere de la Villette
    Milady sets an ambush for Constance
    Pont de la Tournelle
    Porthos meets Planchet
    Rue de Vaugirard, between the Rue Cassette and Rue Servandoni
    Aramis' house
    Rue Ferou
    Athos lives at the Rue Ferou, within two steps of the Luxembourg; the Musketeers fight in a cabaret on the Rue Ferou
    The Pomme-de-Pin (former site)
    D'Artagnan buys his friends a dinner
    Pont Neuf
    d'Artagnan confronts the disguised man and woman
    The top of the Rue Guenegoud
    d'Artagnan spots a man and woman coming out of the Rue Dauphine
    D'Artagnan encounters Rochefort at the Jolly Miller in Meung
    Rue Servandoni
    D'Artagnan takes lodgings at No. 12 Rue des Fossoyeurs (now Rue Servandoni), near the Luxembourg
    Rue du Vieux-Colombier
    The hotel of M. de Treville is in this street
    The Rue du Petit Champs, near the Louvre (approximate location)
    Dumas 'discovers' the Comte de la Fere's manuscript at the Royal Library
    Quai de la Megisserie
    D'Artagnan has a new blade put on his sword at the Quai de Feraille, now the Quai de la Megisserie
    Rue Cassette
    D'Artagnan arranges a duel with Athos at the Carmes-Dechaux monastery, on the Rue Cassette near the Pre aux Clercs
    The Luxembourg
    D'Artagnan arranges a duel with Porthos behind the Luxembourg
    Place St. Sulpice
    D’Artagnan and Constance stop in the Place St. Sulpice near the Rue Ferou
    The Louvre
    D’Artagnan tells Aramis he is from Tarbes
    Rue Bonaparte, between the Quai Malaquais and the Rue Jacob
    The former Rue des Petits Augustins, which d'Artagnan takes to the New Bridge on his way to the Louvre
    St. Germain Fairgrounds (approx. location)
    D'Artagnan dreams of walking with Constance at the St. Germain fair
    Barriere St. Denis
    The Inseparables leave Paris for London
    Porthos fights a stranger at the sign of St. Martin
    The stranger at the inn at Chantilly has come by way of Dammartin
    The Inseparables wait two hours for Porthos
    A league from Beauvais, on the road to Calais
    Aramis wounded in an ambush
    The wounded Aramis is forced to stop
    Athos and d'Artagnan stop at the sign of the Golden Lily
    St. Omer
    d'Artagnan and Planchet breathe their horses
    Windsor Castle
    Buckingham hunts with Charles II and attends a ball where two diamond studs are stolen
    The Thames, opposite the Tower of London
    d'Artagnan boards the Sund
    St. Valery
    d'Artagnan landed by the Sund
    D'Artagnan is born
    Notre Dame Cathedral
    Sixty flags from La Rochelle are hung in the arches