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    Ian Fleming
     locations from Casino Royale
    North of Dieppe, near Le Touquet
    Approximate site of Royale-les-Eaux
    Regent’s Park
    Bond works in “the gloomy building overlooking Regent’s Park”
    Fawcett is recruited by the Secret Service
    30 Rockefeller Center
    Bond earns his 00 by killing a Japanese cipher expert working on the 36th floor of the RCA Building
    Montego Bay, Jamaica
    Bond's control, Fawcett, heads the picture desk of the Daily Gleaner
    The Cayman Islands
    Fawcett works as a bookkeeper for a turtle fishery
    Dachau Displaced Persons Camp
    Le Chiffre first emerges, apparently amnesiac
    Coyoacán, Mexico
    Trotsky assassinated by SMERSH
    Hyde Park
    Goytchev assassinates Petchora
    The Casino, Monte Carlo
    Bond and Mathis expose a Romanian gang before the war
    The surviving Bulgur is questioned
    450 Charing Cross Place
    The double agent's "accommodation address" is at a newsagent's here