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    Arthur Conan Doyle
     locations from A Study in Scarlet
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Watson trained as a military surgeon
    Maiwand, Afghanistan
    Watson wounded in the shoulder
    Peshawar, Pakistan
    Watson convalesces
    221B Baker Street
    Brixton Road
    Enoch Drebber's body found in Lauriston Gardens, off the Brixton road
    Mount Blanco, Colorado
    Sierra Blanco, where Ferrier meets the Mormons
    St. Bartholomew's Hospital
    Watson meets Holmes
    Camberwell Road
    John Underwood and Sons, hatmakers, are at number 129
    Little George Street
    Halliday's private hotel, where Stangerson is murdered
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Hope sees Stangerson and Drebber
    The Strand
    Watson stays in a private hotel