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    Wilkie Collins
     locations from Armadale
    Lipari Islands, Italy
    Pedgift hears of a fatal fight between some sailors
    Midwinter works in a bookshop
    Miss Gwilt writes to Mother Oldershaw
    Doctors' Commons
    Mother Oldershaw examines Armadale's will; Midwinter gets the marriage license
    Miss Gwilt meets Waldron; Midwinter goes as a foreign correspondent
    Messina, Italy
    Allan writes to Midwinter
    Turin, Italy
    Midwinter sent as a correspondent
    Off Cape Spartivento, Italy
    The wreckage of the yacht found
    Rijeka, Croatia
    "Fiume, Illyria": Allan writes to Bashwood
    Midwinter imprisoned
    Allan engages a new lawyer
    The Major takes Miss Milroy for a change of air
    Miss Milroy at school in the vicinity of Ely
    The Yorkshire moors
    Waldron's house
    Allan stops on his way to Naples
    Miss Gwilt at School
    Euston Station (Great North-West terminus)
    Mr. Brock loses sight of Miss Gwilt
    Dr. Downward's Sanitarium in Fairweather Vale
    Castletown, Isle of Man
    The yacht stops for repairs
    Bad Wildbad, Germany
    Mr. Neal writes the Narrative
    Midwinter's father born
    Madeira Island
    Midwinter's parents meet
    Somersetshire, on the Bristol Channel
    Allan lives with his mother
    Allan, Brock and Midwinter stop on their cruise
    The northern wilds of the Isle of Skye
    Midwinter turns fisherman
    Broomielaw, Glasgow
    Midwinter sees his stepfather
    Bricklayers' Arms Station (formerly South-Eastern Terminus)
    Midwinter and Miss Gwilt leave for Naples; Mr. Bashwood watches for Allan
    Douglas, Isle of Man
    Midwinter receives the Narrative
    Port St. Mary, Isle of Man
    Allan and Midwinter go on an excursion
    Calf Sound
    The wreck of the timber ship
    Norfolk, near the Broads
    Thorpe Ambrose lies in this county
    The Norfolk Broads
    Covent Garden Market
    Allan and Pedgift stay at Dunn's Hotel
    The Ladies' Toilet Repository, on Diana Street