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    Jane Austen
     locations from Northanger Abbey
    Fullerton, Catherine Morland's home village
    Merchant Taylors’ School
    Edward Thorpe at school
    The Lower Rooms (-1820)
    Catherine meets Mr. Tilney
    Orchard Street
    Former site of Bath Theatre, where Mr. Tilney visits Catherine in her box
    Keynsham, Bristol
    The Thorpes and Morlands turn back on the way to Blaize Castle
    Catherine refuses to join the second journey to Clifton
    Blaise Castle
    Thorpe tempts Catherine with a trip to Blaize Castle
    Beechen Cliff
    Catherine walks with the Tilneys
    Petty France
    Catherine and the Tilneys forced to stop for two or three hours
    James and John stop at an inn on their way to Bath
    Laura Place
    Miss Tilney sees Catherine in Thorpe’s coach
    Pulteny Street
    Catherine Morland's lodgings in Bath
    Milsom Street
    The Tilneys' lodgings in Bath
    Assembly Rooms (the Upper Rooms)
    Catherine makes her Bath debut; the Thorpes and Morlands go to a ball
     locations from Persuasion
    The White Hart Inn (closed 1867)
    The Musgroves stay
    Gravel Walk
    Anne and Captain Wentworth walk together
    Western Somersetshire, fifty miles from Bath, twenty from Lyme
    Kellynch Hall
    Mr. Shepherd first meets Admiral Croft
    The Cobb, Lyme
    Anne meets the Harvilles and Captain Benwick; Louisa's accident
    Camden Place
    The Elliots’ lodgings are in “a very good house in Camden Place.”
    Rivers Street
    Lady Russell's lodgings
    Marlborough Buildings
    Colonel Wallis' lodgings
    Westgate Buildings
    Mrs. Smith's “noisy parlour, and a dark bedroom”
    Gay Street
    Admiral and Mrs. Croft's lodgings
    Laura Place
    Lady Dalrymple's house
    Assembly Rooms (the Upper Rooms)
    Anne attends a concert
    Pulteny Street
    Lady Russell passes by Captain Wentworth
    Milsom Street
    Molland's, where Anne meets Captain Wentworth