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    H. Rider Haggard
     locations from Marie
    Cradock district, Eastern Cape
    Alan and Marie grow up in the Cradock district of the Cape Colony
    Pietermaritzburg Market
    Alan buys Marais' bible at auction in the market square at Pietmaritzburg
    314 Oxford Street
    J Purdey, maker of Allan's percussion rifle, is at 314 1/2
    The trek-boers go from Cradock to Rustenberg on their way to Delagoa Bay
    The trek-boers pass through the Lydenburg district
    Port Elizabeth
    The Smous receives Marie's letter; Allan boards the Seven Stars
    Durban harbor
    The Seven Stars stops to land cargo at Port Natal (now Durban)
    Maputo Bay
    The Seven Stars lands Alan at Lorenzo Marquez, at Delagoa Bay
    The crew of the Seven Stars arrives after much hardship
    uMgungundlovu (approximate location)
    Alan and the trek-Boers are escorted by the Zulu impi
    Weenen, across the Bushman's River
    The Weenen Massacre, February 17, 1838
    The Tugela river
    Alan and the trek-Boers ford the Tugela into Natal