Herman Melville
     locations from Benito Cereno
    St. Maria
     locations from Israel Potter
    The eastern Berkshires, between Otis and Windsor
    Israel is born
    Fourth Connecticut Lake
    Israel joins an expedition to the headwaters of the Connecticut River
    Charlestown, New Hampshire
    Young Israel trades his goods
    Providence Harbor
    Israel ships on board a sloop bound with lime to the West Indies
    Puerto Rico
    Israel sails from Puerto Rico to Eustatia
    Israel sails from Puerto Rico to Eustatia
    Kittery, on the Piscataqua
    Israel taken in by an American brig bound from Piscataqua to Antigua
    St. John's, Antigua
    Israel taken in by an American brig bound from Piscataqua to Antigua
    Nantucket Harbor
    Israel boards a whaling expedition to the Western Islands and the African coast
    Windsor, Massachusetts
    Israel enrolls in John Patterson's Minuteman regiment
    Breed's Hill
    Israel fights as a marksman under Putnam in the Battle of Bunker Hill
    Prospect Hill
    Israel reaches safety after the Battle of Bunker Hill
    Kew Gardens
    Israel meets George III
    White Waltham
    Squire Woodcock sends Israel to White Waltham
    66 Rue Raynouard
    Dr. Franklin's country house in the village of Passy
    Off Louisbergh
    Paul Jones captures the Mellish
    Paul Jones sails before the mast for Norway
    Israel's diligence leaves for Calais
    The docks at Calais
    Israel takes the packet to Dover
    The Channel, halfway between Calais and Dover
    The packet is becalmed in the middle of the Channel
    Off Nagapattinam, on the Coromandel Coast
    Israel avoids the Battle of Negapatam
    Between Scilly and Cape Clear
    The "Unprincipled" falls in with a revenue cutter that has lost four men by the jibbing of a boom
    Whitehaven Harbor
    Paul first goes to sea; the target of his raid
    Penzance Harbor
    John Paul Jones leaves the cutter to drift, empty, into Penzance
    Off the Mull of Galloway
    Paul sinks a barley-freighted Scotch coaster
    Loch Ryan
    Paul learns of a fleet at anchor, but cannot enter the lock
    Aisla Crag
    Paul gives up the chase of a vessel bound for the Clyde
    St. Bees Lighthouse
    The "Ranger" sees the lighthouse at St. Bees Head
    Solway Firth
    The "Ranger" stands over the Firth for the Scottish shore
    St. Mary's Isle, Kirkcudbrightshire
    John Paul Jones attacks the Earl of Selkirk's seat
    Alejandro Selkirk Island, Juan Fernandez
    Jones is told that the Earl of Selkirk is away on the Isle of Juan Fernandez
    Lizard, Cornwall
    The Ariel passes on its way to port
    Faneuil Hall
    Israel narrowly escaped being run over by a triumphal procession
    Copps' Hill Burying Ground
    Israel stops to rest on a mound in the Copps Hill graveyard
     locations from Moby Dick
    New Bedford, Massachusetts
     locations from Typee
    On the line, twenty degrees west of the Galapagos
    The Dolly cruises for sperm whale
    Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva
    The Dolly makes anchor at Nukuheva Bay