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    Ian Fleming
     locations from Casino Royale
    North of Dieppe, near Le Touquet
    Approximate site of Royale-les-Eaux
    Regent’s Park
    Bond works in “the gloomy building overlooking Regent’s Park”
    Fawcett is recruited by the Secret Service
    30 Rockefeller Center
    Bond earns his 00 by killing a Japanese cipher expert working on the 36th floor of the RCA Building
    Montego Bay, Jamaica
    Bond's control, Fawcett, heads the picture desk of the Daily Gleaner
    The Cayman Islands
    Fawcett works as a bookkeeper for a turtle fishery
    Dachau Displaced Persons Camp
    Le Chiffre first emerges, apparently amnesiac
    Coyoacán, Mexico
    Trotsky assassinated by SMERSH
    Hyde Park
    Goytchev assassinates Petchora
    The Casino, Monte Carlo
    Bond and Mathis expose a Romanian gang before the war
    The surviving Bulgur is questioned
    450 Charing Cross Place
    The double agent's "accommodation address" is at a newsagent's here
     locations from Moonraker
    Bond parks the Bentley outside Brooks's
    John F. Kennedy International Airport
    The Inspectoscope is tested in the international hall of Idlewild Airport
    Cologne-Bonn Airport
    008 is transferred to the military hospital at Wahner Heide
    Driving along King's Road into Sloane Square
    Bond sees the sign that reads "Hell is Here"
    Park Lane
    Blades is on "Park Street, a quiet backwater off St James's," around the corner from Brooks's
    Goodwood Racecourse
    Drax takes a box on his return to England
    Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
    Drax takes a box on his return to England
    The Liverpool docks
    Drax works before the war
    The King's Road
    Bond has a "small but comfortable flat" off the King's Road
    New Scotland Yard (1889-1966)
    Bond has an appointment with Assistant Commissioner Vallance
    The Granville Arms Hotel (former site)
    Bond and Brand recover after the rockfall with a hot bath, an hour's rest, fried sole and Welsh rarebit
    South Foreland lighthouse
    Bond and Brand walk towards the lighthouse after the rockfall
    Small-arms range of the Royal Marine Garrison at Deal
    Bond and Brand walk past the deserted range on their way to the exhaust tunnel
    Fifty yards from the cliff, on a bearing to the lightship
    Bond finds a cross-bearing on the chart
    Woomera Rocket Range
    The Ministry of Supply's experts at the RAF Woomera Test Range approve Drax's plans
    The Ritz
    Drax is told about the double killing
    On the cliffs between Dover and Deal
    The Moonraker installation
    On the main coast road, in Kingsdown
    The "World Without Want"
    The North Sea between The Hague and Wash
    The target for the practice shoot
    Bond takes his Bentley the long gradient leading up to the Molash road on his way to the Moonraker
    Chilham Castle
    Bond accelerates past Chilham Castle on his way to the Moonraker
    The Old Dover Road, Canterbury
    Bond takes a shortcut out of Cabterbury by the old Dover road on his way to the Moonraker
    Dover Castke
    Bond drives out of Dover towards the Moonraker on the old Deal road "past the wonderful cardboard castle"
    Swingate Chain Home Station
    Bond passes "Swingate radar station" on his right on his way to the Moonraker
    South Goodwin Lightship (former site)
    The Lightship illuminates the dome of the Moonraker installation
    Bench Street, Dover
    Bond stops for scrambled eggs, bacon, and coffee.
    Mellaha Lake racetrack (former site)
    Bond recalls watching Mercedes race at Tripoli
    Circuit Bremgarten (former site)
    Bond recalls watching Mercedes race down the tree-lined straight at Berne
    The grandstands at Le Mans
    Bond remembers watching Caracciola race
    King's Street and Gabriel Hill, Maidstone
    Gala takes the black book out of Drax's pocket
    The Royal Star, Maidstone
    Drax tries to avoid some pedestrians on the crossing outside the Royal Star
    The Thomas Wyatt, outside Maidstone
    Gala examines Drax's book in the powder room
    The sharp turning from Maidstone to Mereworth
    Drax pulls over to question Gala
    The Buckingham Palace end of Ebury Street
    Drax and Krebs take Gala out of the car into the top floor of a small house
    Piccadilly Circus and Haymarket Street
    Bond waits for Gala in a restaurant with a view of Piccadilly and the Haymarket
    Mansion House
    Vallance goes to a dinner, but asks Bond to stay by the telephone
    Victoria Coach Station
    Drax tells Vallance he left Gala at the Victoria Station bus terminal
    The Mall
    Bond makes a racing turn around the island in the Mall to keep up with Drax
    Buckingham Palace
    Bond passes the palace gates while pursuing Drax from Blades to Ebury Street
    Lower Grosvenor Place
    Bond runs a red light at the corner and sees Drax turn into Ebury Street
    Chelsea Bridge
    Bond follows Drax from Ebury Street over Chelsea Bridge
    Clapham Common
    Bond runs the Bentley up to eighty in pursuit of Drax as he passes the common
    A205-A20 Junction
    Drax turns off the South Circular onto the A20 with Bond in pursuit
    Leeds Castle
    Bond passed by a red Alfa Romeo supercharged straight-eight just before Leeds Castle
    Just past the left-hand fork at Charing
    Drax comes up on a paper lorry
    The A252 west of Chilham
    The woods on the way to Chilham remind Krebs of the Ardennes
    Walmer Beach
    A crowd gathers to watch the launch
    Just north of the Goodwin Sands
    Peter Trimble reports on the launch from the HMS Merganzer
    The corner of Birdcage Walk and Queen Anne's Gate
    The test diver helps the injured Bond out of the Bentley Mark VI
    St. James' Park
    Bond sits on one of the seats opposite the island in the lake
    Between Montreuil and Etaples
    Bond knows a farmhouse with wonderful food
    Bond plans to take Gala