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    Charles Dickens
     locations from Barnaby Rudge
    The Standard, Cornhill (former site)
    Dickens, like many at the time, measures distances from this old water pump
    Epping Forest, about twelve miles from the Standard, Cornhill
    Approximate location of the Maypole
    Chigwell Row
    Solomon rings the tolling-bell for an old man who lived at Chigwell Row
    The Charterhouse
    The locksmith's shop is in the part of Clerkenwell closest to the Charter House
    Barbican Street (former location)
    The prentices meet in one of the narrowest of the narrow streets diverging from the Barbican
    Monument to the Great Fire of London
    John recommends that Joe Willet go to the top of the Monument
    The Black Lion, Whitechapel (former location)
    John tells Joe Willet to call for a cheap meal on credit
    Paper Buildings
    Mr. Chester's lodgings are in Paper Buildings, looking out on the Temple Gardens
    Bow Street Magistrates' Court (1740-1881)
    Barnaby is questioned before being taken to Newgate; Haredale brings his prisoner to the house of Sir John Fielding
     locations from Bleak House
    Gridley's farm
    Jobling “runs to seed” at the market gardens
    The north of Devon
    Professor Dingo worried by his neighbors for chipping bits off of buildings
    Queen Square
    Richard takes lodgings in “a quiet old house near Queen Square” when he goes into Kenge & Carboy’s
    Cursitor Street
    Coavines' offices
    Bell Yard
    Neckett's and Gridley's lodgings
    Newman Street
    Turveydrop's Academy
    Took's Court
    “Cook’s Court” Mr. Snagsby’s law-stationers’
    Oxford Street
    John Jarndyce's London lodgings near here
    Lincoln’s Inn Fields
    Tulkinghorn's chambers
    The Old Hall, Lincoln's Inn
    The Lord Chancellor sits “at the very heart of the his High Court of Chancery”
    87 Penton Place
    Mr. Guppy's home
    Thavies Inn
    Mrs. Jellyby's house
    Westminster Hall
    Hertfordshire, near St. Albans
    Bleak House
    The Old Square, Lincoln's Inn
    Kenge and Carboy's chambers
    Esther at school
    Esther raised by her aunt
    Blackfriars Bridge
    Jo “moves on” to here
    The Dedlock country estate, Chesney Wold
     locations from Little Dorrit
    The Marshalsea prison
    Dorrit's birthplace
    Church of St. George the Martyr
    Ludgate Hill
    Clennam, on his arrival in London, sits in a coffee-house on Ludgate Hill
    St. Paul's Cathedral
    Clennam crosses by St. Paul's on his way to his mother's house
    The Simplon Pass
    The Dorrits pass through after leaving Martigny
    Clifford's Inn (former location)
    The turnkey finds Tip work in an the office of an attorney of the Palace Court
    Harley Street
    Mrs. Merdle's house is at Harley Street, Cavendish Square