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    Dorothy Sayers
     locations from Gaudy Night
    Shrewsbury College
    Harriet Vane's alma mater
     locations from Strong Poison
    Cambridge Circus
    Miss Murchison passes from here to nearby Frith Street on her way to dinner
    Philip Boyes visits for his health just before his death
    Battersea Bridge
    A latchkey is dropped in the Thames
    Overstrand Mansions
    Sir Julian has the cab drop him off at number 50 and walks home
    Harley Street
    Sir Julian Freke's office
    St. Luke's Workhouse, Chelsea
    "The Chelsea workhouse": Lord Peter's description recognized
    Mrs. Wrayburn lives in the town of Windle
    Judd Street
    Bunter invited to see the Rev. Crawford
    Whitechapel Road
    Bill Rumm's house
    Gray's Inn Road
    The "Nine Rings" is near here on Gray's Inn Road
    100 Doughty Street
    Harriet Vane's apartment, overlooking Mecklenburgh Square
    Gray's Inn Road and Theobald Road
    Miss Murchison's bus stop
    Mrs. Climpson stops here on her way to Windle
    Bedford Row
    Mr. Urquhart's office
    New Scotland Yard (1889-1966)
    Chief Detective-Inspector Parker's office
    Holloway Gaol
    Harriet Vane is held awaiting retrial
    Central Criminal Court
    Harriet Vane's trial
    Guilford Street
    Philip Boyes catches a cab on the night of his death
    Southampton Row
    Harriet Vane buys arsenic at a chemist's
    Woburn Square
    Norman Urquhart's house
     locations from Whose Body?
    110 Piccadilly, opposite Green Park
    Lord Peter's flat
    Battersea, opposite the Park
    Thipps finds a body in his bath at 59 Queen Caroline Mansions
    Lombard Street
    John P. Milligan's office
    12A Great Ormond Street
    Mr. Parker's flat
    Prince of Wales Road, Battersea
    Sir Julian Freke lives at St. Luke's House
    Milford Hill, Salisbury
    Mr. Crimplesham's office
    Mr. Crimplesham stays with friends in London
    Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street
    Mr. Thipps and his friend get out of their cab
    Goodge Street
    Mr. Thipps gets a taxi home after the raid
    Hyde Park Corner
    Sir Julian's cab drops him off
    Park Lane
    Levy lives at number 9